Greenway Conservancy

The Conservancy is the designated steward of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a mile-and-a-half of contemporary parks in the heart of Boston that connect people and the city with beauty and fun. The non-profit Conservancy maintains, programs, and improves the Greenway on behalf of the public and in partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Organic Park Care

The Conservancy uses organic and sustainable landscape management programs to maintain the parks and features of the Greenway. The Greenway is Boston’s only organically maintained public park and one of a handful of organically maintained urban parks in the United States. Organic maintenance means no expenditures for toxic chemicals, and lower water consumption. Plants are healthier, more resilient, and better able to withstand the wear of public use. Children and pets can freely and safely play on our park lawns without the worry of pesticides.

Park Offerings

The Greenway has a number of offerings for visitors, including seven water features to cool off in, a number of renowned food trucks and carts offering a variety of distinctive, affordable food offerings, as well as one of the largest free public Wi-Fi networks in the Commonwealth.  Now open, a new custom carousel with characters—cod, lobster, squirrel,  skunk, and more—inspired by the drawings of Boston school children.

Free Events

In addition, public programs and events on the Greenway are designed to attract residents, workers and visitors to interact and enjoy the parks. The Conservancy partners with cultural institutions and non-profit organizations to create events geared toward multi-generational and multi-cultural audiences. Events have included the FIGMENT participatory art festival, Boston Local Food Fest, Boston-NY Food Truck Throwdown, Summer on the Waterfront, and Berklee College of Music Concert Series.

How We're Funded

The Conservancy funds its operations through private donations, endowment income and earned revenue which have provided nearly 60% of the funds for the park, with state support totaling 40%. If you enjoy the Greenway and want to help support our work, please make a donation or become a member.


The Conservancy is governed by our Board of Directors.  All Board meetings are open to the public.  Here's our list of upcoming meetings.  Here's our public meeting agendas, minutes and presentations.

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