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Mobile Eats Food Vending Program - Annual RFP Process.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy seeks proposals from food/beverage vendors interested in either regular operations or special appearances on the Greenway every year in the Fall for the following Mobile Eats year that runs from April 1 through March 30 of the following year.  An announcement is made in late October with a deadline in November, interviews in December and decisions announced ahead of the City of Boston process that begins in mid-January. The Greenway Mobile Eats food vending program is part of the Conservancy’s efforts—combined with the Greenway’s public art, the 350+ free public programs, free Wi-Fi, and 4 fountains--to bring vibrancy and innovation to the Greenway.

Greenway Mobile Eats has seen four seasons of growing crowds and acclaim, because the vendors are among Boston’s very best and are real partners with the Conservancy. Greenway vendors’ food is acknowledged with awards, their operations are sustainable and innovative, and they partner with the Conservancy to improve the parks.  Vendors are selected for distinctive, tasty, affordable offerings with clean, attractive, green, and safe operations.

Download the 2014 Greenway Food Vending RFP document and the associated Greenway Mobile Eats RFP Forms for further information.  Revisions to the documents will be made in advance of the 2015 start of the RFP process.

Non-Food Vending on the Greenway: Greenway Open Market

Since the summer of 2011, the organizers of the popular SOWA Open Market have created a crafts and art market in the Wharf District Parks, the Greenway Open Market. The Greenway Open Market runs from Memorial Day weekend through the end of October. Read their Vendor Information Page before you submit an application.

There are currently no other plans for non-food vending on the Greenway. If you would like your business’ name placed on a list for future consideration, please email your contact information and a short description of your business to

Artist Opportunities

Our two calls out to artists as part of the planning process for the Five Year Public Art Strategy were due by Wednesday, November 28th 2012 and are now closed.  We value artists’ input and to complete the planning process, we ask artists to contribute ideas and challenge them to imagine the possibilities of the Greenway as a dynamic space for public art. View complete RFQs here.

Currently, there are no other business opportunities.  If you would like to be considered for contract work with the Conservancy, please email your contact information and a short description of your business to

If you are interested in job opportunities with the Conservancy, please visit our Jobs page.

If you are interested in holding an event on the Greenway, please visit our Proposals page.

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