How do I sign up for a volunteer opportunity?
How do I get updates on volunteer opportunities?

We send a Volunteer E-newsletter out throughout our season with information on upcoming volunteer opportunities !Click here to sign up for these opportunities.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?
What are the benefits of being a Greenway Volunteer?
Does a Greenway volunteer need any specific experience?
Are volunteers expected to make any financial contributions?

Volunteers are already donating their time and there is no requirement that volunteers make a financial contribution. However, many volunteers enjoy the benefits and involvement that come from becoming a Greenway member and we encourage our volunteers to support us in this way! 

Horticulture Volunteer Projects

What is a horticulture volunteer project?
How do I sign up for a horticulture project?
Do I have sign up in advance to volunteer at a project?
What is expected of me as a Horticulture volunteer?
How many people can volunteer at one time on the Greenway?
Where do the volunteer projects take place?
When do volunteer projects take place?
What should I wear?
What if the weather is bad on the day I am scheduled to volunteer?

Other Volunteer Opportunities

What other kinds of volunteer opportunities are available?
Do you have volunteer opportunities for families?
What is National Public Lands Day and how can I volunteer?

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