Chinatown Park

You will find Chinatown Park at Surface Road and Beach Street.

A lovely oasis at the southern end of the Greenway, this one-acre linear park contains design elements drawn from Asian traditions and art work. Designed by Carol R. Johnson and Associates, it contains a serpentine walkway edged by bamboo within bright red sculptural elements and a unique fountain that suggests a waterfall and shallow riverbed. 

A section of pavement in Chinatown Park designed by California artist May Sun is patterned after a Chinese chessboard. The square within a circle pattern symbolizes heaven and earth in the Chinese culture. Running through the center of the chessboard is a "river" of stainless steel and colored concrete, depicting a map of Boston focused on Chinatown, South Station and the Fort Point Channel. Visit to learn more about the symbolism and meaning in the park's design.

A modern garden displays plants representative of the natural and created cultural landscape of Asia. The rhododendrons, cherry trees, irises, peonies, and chrysanthemums bloom with bountiful color during the year.  Grasses, bamboo, and trees provide texture and structure year round.

People of all ages truly enjoy this park. The moving water delights and soothes children and adults. Chess players, particularly those who love the Chinese version of the game, Xiangqi, come to set up their tables and find worthy competitors.  Others may enjoy dim sum, a Vietnamese sandwich, or a bowl of noodles and dumplings in one of the many nearby restaurants and then relax among the plants and trees that beautify the park. 

Please Note: A new apartment building is under construction next to Chinatown Park at 120 Kingston.  From time to time, portions of the park may be temporarily closed to allow for specific work.  We are working in minimizing these temporary closures.  The construction will continue through the Fall of 2013.

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