Fort Point Channel Parks

You will find the Fort Point Channel Parks between Oliver Street and Congress Street and Atlantic Avenue.

Commuters and visitors to the city enjoy the changing seasonal landscape of these parks. Planted in 2008 by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, with help from many volunteers including the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association, the gardens display an array of modern garden plants available for every home. 

Blooms heighten these parks in summer and enclose visitors as they relax on the lawn or pass through to escape the traffic outside. Taking a break from work in the new red lawn chairs or seeing the nearby sights, it’s a spot to enjoy both city life and relaxing green space.

There are wide varieties of trees and flowers found in the Fort Point Channel Parks, so before your visit, check out the Horticulture Page which highlights some of the interesting plants scattered throughout the parks.  The Fort Point Channel Parks are some of the most colorful and with something always in bloom, there is always something new to see on the Greenway.

The Fort Point Channels Parks are easily accessible by Commuter Rail from South Station or Red Line subway from South Station.

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