North End Parks

You will find the North End Parks between New Sudbury Street and North Street.

The parks reflect the comfortable scale of the adjacent North End neighborhood. Spacious lawns surrounded by densely planted perimeter beds define these parks that were designed by Crosby, Schlessinger, Smallridge LLC and Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd.

Along the eastern edge, a trellis “pergola” covers a long “front porch” that provides both a place for sitting and an overlook for the lawn and the historic architecture beyond.  A shallow water “canal” runs the length with vertical water jets adding sparkle and movement.  This fountain harkens back to a century ago when a canal connected the harbor to important industrial operations.

The parks include ideal spots for storytelling programs in the summer, picnics or sunbathing on the grass, and enjoying lunch or a snack from one of the nearby North End or Haymarket establishments.  Children love the canal where they can wet their feet or watch their flip flops swirl around. It’s a great place to relax at the end of the day, meet friends or watch passersby to your heart’s content.

Plants displayed here evoke a formal feel of past European style gardens with boxwood hedges enclosing a colorful array of spring blooming daffodils and summer perennials.  Favorite perennials found here are Russian sage, lavender, purple cone flower, iris, and daylilies.  Several flowering trees and shrubs encircle the gardens.


The North End Parks have a number of historical and Interpretative markers and maps located through out the parks.  Visit our Learn page for a listing and location information.

The North End Parks are easily accessible by Commuter Rail from North Station or subway from Haymarket.

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