Wharf District Parks

You will find the Wharf District Parks between Atlantic Avenue and High Street.

An active civic space within the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, the Wharf District Parks connect Faneuil Hall and the Financial District with Boston Harbor. Designed by EDAW and Copley Wolff Design Group, the parks contain areas of paved surfaces for active public use and a gathering space for public events known as the Great Room.  You will find two unique fountains, specialized lighting structures, and many places to sit in these parks.  Three open lawn areas, surrounded with plantings, provide more informal space. 

Workers from the Financial District, neighbors, and visitors from the nearby hotels enjoy the wide spaces, walkways, benches and lawns in these parks that stretch from Atlantic Avenue to High Street.  Walk under the London-plane trees that line the great boulevard or along the Mothers’ Walk path to enjoy a bountiful variety of plants native to New England and the northeast.  

Children and adults alike delight in the Rings Fountain at Milk Street and its unpredictable and irresistible water patterns that jet into the air from a flat paved surface.  After dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, the Wharf District Parks are a great place to stroll, as the Light Blades perform colorful displays.

A moving feature of the Wharf District Parks is the Mothers’ Walk, a meandering path where sons and daughters of all ages have inscribed pavers with the names of special people who have loved and inspired them. It begins just south of the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Cross Street and flows along the harborside walkway in a curving path toward its southern terminus at High Street.  Spanning the length of the Wharf District Parks, the engraved Mothers’ Walk pavers (each on a 6”X 6”concrete paver) are clearly visible. Mother's Walk pavers can be purchased for $500, details are here.

Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion

The Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion officially opened June 2, 2011. It was designed by Utile, Inc. Architects to raise awareness of the nearby Boston Harbor Islands - a natural resource that is only a twenty-minute boat ride from the Greenway. The open-air pavilion is staffed by National Park Service rangers welcoming visitors and providing helpful information about the Greenway, the Harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands. Ferry tickets and Boston Harbor Islands park merchandise are available for purchase at the pavilion.

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