Daily 2014 Schedule

The 2014 season of Greenway Mobile Eats begins on April 1st with 30 vendors appearing on the Greenway.  See the schedule below for planned locations and start dates, last revised on April 2nd, 2014.  Click here for the March 18th press release.

Clicking on the Vendor name in the schedule below will take you to their Twitter feed where they post schedules and updates (if provided.)

Location Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dewey Square Park (Plaza area) Clover Clover Clover Clover Clover
  Bon Me Bon Me Bon Me Bon Me Bon Me
  Roxy's Grilled Cheese Farmer's Mei Mei Street Kitchen Farmer's Roxy's Grilled Cheese
  Dining Car Market Evan's Deli  Market Mei Mei Street Kitchen
  Moyzilla 11:30 am Stoked Pizza 11:30 am Benny's Crepe Cafe
  Cookie Monstah

to 6:30 pm


Cookie Monstah

to 6:30 pm 


Cookie Monstah
  The Coffee Trike The Coffee Trike The Coffee Trike The Coffee Trike  The Coffee Trike
Dewey Square Park at Congress Street  Momogoose  Momogoose  Momogoose  Momogoose  Momogoose
   Chicken & Rice Guys  Dining Car  Paris Creperie  Dining Car  Pennypackers (will start later in April)
     Tenoch    Tenoch  
 Chinatown Park    Chicken & Rice Guys     Chicken & Rice Guys  
Rowes Wharf Plaza at High Street   Stoked Pizza  Frozen Hoagies  Bon Me  Frozen Hoagies Bon Me
  Bacon Truck  Zo on the Go The Taco Truck  Zo on the Go  Baja Taco Truck 
   Chubby Chickpea  Roxy's Grilled Cheese  Chubby Chickpea  Lilian's BBQ  Moyzilla
        Taco Party   Stoked Pizza

 Rings Fountain

at Milk Street

 Evan's Deli  Lilian's BBQ  Bacon Truck Roxy's Grilled Cheese  
   Paris Creperie  Sweet Tomatoes  Benny's Crepe Cafe    
Late June-August  Beantown   Beantown   Beantown   Beantown   Beantown
Late June-August  Boston Harbor Ice Cream   Boston Harbor Ice Cream   Boston Harbor Ice Cream   Boston Harbor Ice Cream   Boston Harbor Ice Cream
 Locations, Days to be announced  Mother Juice        
  Locations, Days to be announced  Lobsterdog        
   Locations, Days to be announced   Renula's Kitchen        

Greenway Open Market Schedule for May and June 2014

Our Special Events Schedule is taking shape.  We're pleased to announce our May and June Greenway Open Market food vendors.  We'll have up two vendors per weekend on the South side of Milk Street in the Wharf District Parks: