Come Surf the Greenway!

Free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available throughout the Greenway parks, from the North End to Chinatown.  Look for the “Greenway” wireless network on your internet-enabled laptop, smartphone or other device and start surfing. 

This state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network, brought to you through a partnership with the City of Boston, uses next generation energy-efficient equipment.

How to access

To access the Greenway Wi-Fi network, first enable your device’s Wi-Fi antenna, then configure your device to use the “Greenway” network (SSID).   Newer devices should automatically detect and connect to the Greenway network.  If you have an older device you may have to configure it manually:

Network name or SSID: greenway 
Wireless Mode or Network Type: Access Point or Infrastructure (not "Ad Hoc") 
Network properties: Use DHCP (Obtain an IP address automatically) 
WEP or WPA Encryption: Off 

Your signal strength will depend on your proximity to one of the many Wi-Fi antennas located throughout the park. 

Once you have connected to the Greenway network, open your favorite web browser. You’ll be presented with a disclaimer that you must agree to, and then be rerouted to the Conservancy’s home page.  Once that happens you’ll full internet access.

Because this is a public network, data transmitted between your internet-enabled device and the network are not secure.  It is highly recommended that you use VPN if you want to connect to your office or other sensitive networks. Connecting to SSL (https) websites is also safe on public newtworks.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If your page does not load, you may have to restart your browser and click “I Agree” on the disclaimer page. 
  • If you still cannot connect, ensure that your wireless networking settings are as shown above under How to Access.

In partnership with:


City of Boston
Thomas M. Menino, Mayor

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